Sharone Putter is a Columbus-based artist who earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Printmaking and Glass from the New York College of Ceramics at Alfred University. Sharone acquired her rich palette of art-making techniques during her many years of travel abroad, studying philosophy and Art History at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel; porcelain restoration in Dublin, Ireland; drawing in Marrakech, Morocco; and glass lampworking in Bohemia, Czech Republic. When Sharone arrived in Ohio, there were no mountains or oceans, but one feature stood out: construction worksites. Now, she utilizes silkscreen and mixed media techniques to portray everyday scenes and events encountered by the side of the road.



Sharone Putter is a Columbus-based artist primarily specializing in creating mixed media works. When she landed in Ohio, she did not find her familiar mountains or oceans. There was, however, one feature, that was so powerful, so persistent, and, at times, so grandiose that it totally captured her imagination and inspired her art for years to come – everyday worksites. Her Workscapes collection brings these often overlooked scenes and events into the limelight. The printmaking press is essential to her elaborate multi-step process. Sharone renders her scenes onto rough metal cut-outs and then embosses the assemblage directly into fine mould-made paper. Occasionally, Sharone uses various image transfer techniques such as photogravure while developing her narratives with an array of mixed-media techniques and enamel inclusions. Sharone’s art process reduces the peripheral elements of these fleeting scenes by the side of the road while highlighting the narratives as prominent and central to their own distinct worlds. She gives a very special thanks to my husband Ran Berdichesky for his contributions to the artwork.

Sharone’s latest exhibition from The Workscapes collection, “Demarcations” is made possible in part thanks to a Professional Development Grant awarded by the Friends of the Priscilla R. Tyson Cultural Arts Center. Sharone has also received support from a Professional Development Grant offered as pandemic assistance from the Friends of the Cultural Art Center, Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) from the State of Ohio, and an Artist in the Community Project Supply Grant, Artist Resource Grant, and Support for Individual Artist Grant, from the Greater Columbus Arts Council.