Nicholas Evans is a Paris-based artist, designer and creative director. Painting is a cornerstone of Evans’ artistic expression, which is largely inspired by personal events, religious symbolism, and historical allegories. In addition to traditional oil and acrylics, Evans uses materials such as plasters, wax, salt and found objects in his works, presenting a way to seek new meaning in elements that have collapsed or eroded over time. Threads of poetry convey the fragmented logic of suffering, lost love and redemption that push him to create. 

After early success in New York’s fashion and creative industry, followed by nearly losing his life to addiction, a liver transplant gave way to new perspective and allowed Evans to recast himself. Inspired to revisit the rudiments of expression through his first love of painting, Nicholas began working under the moniker of Evans Deventer to present his art. Through Evans Deventer, he is continuously intrigued by the ‘decayed decadence’ of long-held traditions and the looming past, and how to represent them visually.

Evans Deventer is also represented as a brick and mortar space in Columbus, which he designed in 2015, featuring furniture, jewelry and objects, in addition to artwork.