Christiane Curry is a Columbus-based painter who grew up in Nancy, France. Christiane draws inspiration from the sprawling French countryside and uses vibrant colors to capture moments from memories of her home country. Never pursuing formal artistic training, Christiane’s style has been influenced by French impressionists within her signature florals, garden scenes, and landscapes in oil and watercolor. After narrowing her medium to one, watercolor guided Christiane through grief and loss to explore emotion in semi-abstract, luminous, and atmospheric paintings of small-scale, intimate landscapes in both locations she has found home.



Christiane Curry grew up in Nancy, France and moved to Columbus, Ohio in 1959. In the mid-70s, she began pursuing a love of painting through watercolor workshops and evening classes, inspiring her journey as an artist. Influenced by French impressionism, Christiane worked in oil and watercolor to develop her signature style and compositions of florals, garden scenes, and landscapes.

In the mid-90s, Christiane began working exclusively in watercolor and shared her passion for painting with others by teaching classes all over the city, including at the Franklin Park Conservatory, the Cultural Arts Center, and various recreation centers. For several years, Christiane organized groups for plein air painting trips to her native France.

After initially sharing her skill and works in 2017, watercolor provided a comforting refuge for Christiane. While recovering from a debilitating illness and the tragic loss of her husband, Christiane’s passion for watercolor acted as a guide through grief and path towards a “new normal” in a life markedly changed. Drawing from the simplicity and “discipline of watercolor,” she began exploring small-scale, intimate watercolor landscapes, choosing her subjects from memories of different regions of France and the openness of Ohio farmland. In Christiane’s words, she no longer paints what she sees, and instead paints what she feels in semi-abstract, luminous, and atmospheric paintings.