Melodie Thompson is an Ohio-based oil painter who has become known for her portraits as well as moody cityscapes. Using palette knives, ink brayers, and squeegees, Melodie’s style leans towards impressionism with a vibrant and atmospheric quality. Her work has shown at galleries and juried shows across Ohio, Indiana, and North Carolina with more works part of private collections across the United States and the United Kingdom.

Her most recent show, ROSEBUD, explores our connection to the natural world, and its ability to inspires us to create, heal, and move forward with strength. Melodie started this series during a time of profound grief, after losing her beloved father. Painting, her passion, felt laborious. She took a break to spend time outside in nature, near her home in Delaware, Ohio, appreciating the scenes from her life. The vibrant colors and textures of the ordinary inspired Melodie in a new way, and she started dreaming about women surrounded by flowers with more color than she normally uses in her paintings. This show includes both the literal and the dream and is a call to wonder - that childlike state we too often lose or let go of as adults. Her paintings are a reminder that living with an open heart isn’t just for children and artists, it’s for all of us. Rosebud is a fictional place where the ordinary inspires the extraordinary.